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If you need an attorney to represent your interest at the appellate level, Attorney Sybblis can help.  Attorney Sybblis have years of experience handling appellate cases and have briefed and argued cases before the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.  Whether you are challenging an order (the appellant) or seeking to enforce an order (the appellee), SLF will zealously represent your interest at the appellate level.

Our firm takes pride in our:


Experience in Trials and Litigations

Our firm also handles cases involving trials and general litigation, which gives us an upper hand in reviewing what transpired during the trials. Armed with this skill, Attorney Sybblis thoroughly reviews the trial, takes advantage of crucial details that could help your case, and looks over legal issues that could be evaluated. This competence enables us to craft written briefs and oral arguments that bring your case to a favorable resolution.


Compassionate, Personalized Services

Attorney Sybblis handles each appellee or appellant as if his or her case is the only one the firm handles. This allows our firm to provide a personal touch that people rarely get from large firms. After all, appeal cases are highly individual in nature.

Trust that Attorney Sybblis has both the knowledge and tenacity to rigorously go over the trial without missing a detail. We will be your compassionate and zealous advocate in the appellate courts.


Knowledge of Appellate Rules and Procedure

Attorney Sybblis is experienced as an appellate attorney in Maryland, which has given the firm an intimate knowledge of the state’s appellate courts. As Maryland’s appellate courts will not hear evidence that wasn’t presented to the trial court, it is crucial to review what has transpired in the trial. Our aim as your legal team is to review if the trial followed proper procedures and if the law was applied correctly.

Moreover, as the appellate courts can choose not to hear oral arguments and decide on cases based solely on the briefs, we see to it that the briefs (whether opening, responsive, or reply) fully communicate the case’s history and support your cause.


Seasoned Legal Advice

Our team devises effective legal strategies for your case; you will receive sound legal advice, and you can rest assured knowing your rights on appeal will be protected.

Rest assured, too, that you will be kept abreast of the progress of your case. We’ll go over the arguments in the written briefs as well as those to be expounded in the oral arguments. Attorney Sybblis will be straightforward about your case and update you regularly on developments, should the case take a while to be resolved.

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